The origins of the event

On Sunday 24th June 2018 the eleventh Haynes Village 100 event will be held, but where did the idea for the first one in 2006 come from?

Some years ago The Haynes Parish Council and Village Hall Trustees identified a need to raise revenue for the Village Hall, a vital centre of many activities for the whole village. The situation had reached a point where there was a real concern that the hall would have to be closed if income was not increased and we would lose a valuable community facility. No Christmas Bazaar! No Amateur Dramatics! No Badminton or Bowls! To lose the village hall was unthinkable!

We needed to provide a focus for the locals as well as attract visitors from outside the village. An event attracting large numbers of visitors would be a great way of raising considerable funds. Sounds simple, doesn't it! One of the parish councillors, Adam Oliver, is interested in old vehicles (as are one or two others in the village) and thought a classic vehicle show would attract people. There are many static vehicle events throughout the country so something to differentiate the Haynes event was needed. That's when the idea of the closed road parade came to mind.

The idea was discussed with members of the village hall trustees, who were very positive if a little concerned that it was a huge undertaking. The local authority was contacted for permission to close the roads. What were the chances of that happening, I hear you say? Well, we were all wrong and permission was granted, so thank you to them. All that was left was to organise the event!!

The Haynes Village 100 sub-committee was formed in 2005 and we went blindly on from there. No-one had any experience of managing a classic vehicle event but we had our meetings and thought about what would be nice for the visitors and those willing to display their vehicles. Lots of planning and late nights and the rest as they say is history.

The unique aspect of this motoring gala is the closed road parade on the Sunday afternoon. This provides the visiting public a rare opportunity to see (and some would say, smell!) vintage and classic vehicles on two, four and even three wheels in action, not just stationary in a museum or garage. Let's not forget the proud owners who spend hours preparing their prides and joy. The success of this event would not have happened without their continued support and enthusiasm. The first event attracted about 100 vehicles. In 2008 we had over 150 turn up. Even for the non-motoring enthusiast there has grown up around the vehicles a village fayre, full of fun & games, things to eat & drink - something for the whole family to enjoy. From the uncertain beginnings, over 2000 visitors came last year.

All those involved believe that the seed of the idea, planted five years ago, is now bearing fruit and will continue to for many years to come. The only thing we can't organise is the weather. But we won't let the occasional drop of rain or puff of wind deter us, will we? See you all in June.